Online Store User’s Guide

Online Store User’s Guide

Below are instructions on how to navigate through Sequel Electrical Supply’s Online Webstore. If you would like to download the instructions which also contain screenshots to better serve you as you navigate through the site. You can click on the button in the menu to the left to download it.


  • New and existing customers MUST register for a login to the website. To Sign in or Register, go to the top-right of the screen.
  • New Customers: Fill out the necessary information about yourself and/or company.
  • Existing Customers: Existing Customers MUST request a login in order to use the website under their current Eclipse account with Sequel. Fill out the necessary information about yourself and/or company. 
  • Once the information has been submitted, an alert will be sent to Mitch Taylor, who will then go over the credit app (if necessary) and supply the customer with login credentials: Username & Password.  

My Account

After your logged in, you will be brought directly to My Account. Here you will have access to a variety of options under 3 sections. Product and Order Management, Account Review, & Account Management.

Product & Order Management

Quick Buys

Quick Buys are a group of items that Sequel can control. Placing items that are purchased most often from customers. Right now the current selections are Screwdrivers and Bits. This can be modified as needed.

Product Groups

Product Groups are a group of items that the customer can setup as their personal shopping list. An excellent example of this would be to setup a list for a Lighting Package.

  • First, give your Product Group a name.
  • You will then notice the group name is listed under Product Groups
  • Next, do a product search in the Search Bar located at the top-center of the page. Click on the magnifying glass or hit the RETURN key.
  • This will bring up the Product Search Results page. Here you can select your items by clicking either on the image or name of the item.
  • To add the item to your Product Group, simply click on the Add to Product Group
  • Lastly, under the Action section you must click on add this product if you choose to add to the group created or the customer can create a new group.
  • Once the item is added, if you select Product Groups from My Account, you will notice that the item was added and you will have the option of adding this list to the shopping cart. Highlighted in yellow, you will see the item gives you information (if available) about the product with a description, part number, price, and availability.

Quick Pad

Used when you already have item numbers in mind. From this section of the site (towards the bottom of the page), you can import an XLS file if you already have a list created. 

Reorder Pad

For users who have an existing account through Sequel, you will be able to scroll through this list of items purchased over the last year’s time. You will be able to Add these Items to your cart

Customer Part Numbers

This function is used when you want to identify a product with your own “name.” For example, a ground bar clamp is typically called an “Acorn.” Once you look for a specific item in the search bar, you can give that exact product this name and it will always come up in the search when you type “Acorn.” Brand, Size, Color…etc. Down below you will see step by step instructions on how this process works.

  • First, look up the item you need then click on the search icon or hit the RETURN key.
  • Select an item  from the Product Search Results page.
  • Now click on Customer Part Number and the page moved to the bottom section labeled Customer Part Number.
  • Identify the item by giving it a name you will remember. Once you are done click on the add button to the right of the text field.
  • If you go back to Customer Part Numbers from My Account, you will notice the item is now in the list with the preferred name you gave the item.
  • Now you can do a search at the top of the page under the name you identified the item with and it will bring up that specific item. Brand, size, color..etc.

My Saved Carts

This option allows logged-in users to save the contents of a shopping cart for future use.  This feature can be useful when the user is not yet ready to submit an order, or when a customer repeatedly orders the same products.  Products and quantities are saved with the cart but current pricing is always applied when the saved cart is used. The 3 categories below will take you to step by step instructions

Create Saved Carts

  • Add items to the shopping cart using the global search or product drill down features
  • Click the button to move to the Shopping Cart
  • Click the Save Cart button at the bottom of the cart
  • Type a name for the cart in the Cart Name field
  • Select Shared Cart if this saved cart should be visible to all users for this customer
  • Select My Cart Only if this saved cart should only be visible by the logged-in user
  • Click the Save Cart link

Updating Saved Carts

  • Log in as an existing user
  • Make sure the shopping cart is empty
  • Select My Account My Saved Carts or from the shopping cart click the Manage Saved Carts link
  • Click the Open button next to the cart name to be updated. The saved cart items will be added to the shopping cart
  • Add more items, remove items or update quantities as needed
  • Click the Update Cart button to apply the changes
  • Click the Save Cart button
  • In the name box, type the same name as the existing saved cart
  • Select Shared Cart or My Cart Only
  • Click the Save Cart link
  • A pop-up window displays indicating that there is an existing cart with that name. Click OK to update the existing cart with the changes.

Shopping with Saved Carts

  • Log in as an existing user
  • Select My Account My Saved Carts
  • Click the Open button next to the cart name.
  • The saved cart items and quantities are added to the shopping cart.
  • Additional items can be added or items can be removed without affecting the saved cart.
  • Proceed with checkout as usual.

Job Management

  • Allows your clients to create jobs/projects that they can associate any job/project files (xls, doc, pdf, zip) to by uploading them so everything is organized in one online place, for secure document collaboration.  
  • One click will show them all the job/project associated orders to date based on PO or Job Number.
  • Distributor can see your clients job documents by using the site admin tool, customer manages jobs on their My Account page.
  • Any additional customizations required will be treated as site maintenance and invoiced on a time and materials basis unless specifically specified here within or in subsequent work orders.

Non-Stock or Special Order Form

This allows customers to request a product that is not on the site.  The nonstock or special order product is not added to the shopping cart, but a form is emailed to the Sales Email specified on the Contact Information admin page.

  • Product Information: The customer completes the top half of the screen describing the product.
  • Contact Information: The customer information associated with the login is populated on the bottom part of the form. 
  • The customer selected the communication method: “Phone call back” or “Email”

Account Review

Open Bids

Here you will be able to view open bids for this Bill-To/Ship-To.

Open Orders

Here you will be able to view open orders for this Bill-To/Ship-To.

Order History

Here you will be able to view transactions for this Bill-To/Ship-To within the range requested.

Order Search

Search your orders by Order Number, PO, History and more.

Note: Searching by Order Number or PO Number will generally give you the quickest results, while searching on other items will take longer since each individual invoice must be examined. Keep the date range as tight as possible for faster more targeted results.

Account Inquiry

Check your account balances.

Monthly Statements

Search monthly staements

Pay Online

Here you will be able to pay online for any open balances per invoice.

Account Management

Manage Ship-Tos

Manage Ship-Tos that are listed. You can give them a unique Display Name. If there are a few listed, you can decide to make them active or inactive.

Edit Profile

Here you can update your profile information. From Company Name, email address, phone numbers, login info, Billing Address, add or update Shipping Address.

User Management

View add edit or delete web site users. 

Note: It will be up to the customer to maintain the active and/or inactive users within the account. The customer has the ability to authorize high level or basic admin controls of the web account.  Sequel Electrical Supply, LLC will not be responsible for maintaining Authorized Users on the web account. 

Personal Settings

Here a user can personalize how the products will be displayed as well as purchases.